As we suffer through the worst of the summer heat here on the Gulf Coast, (and, the Dog Days of August are yet to come!), we opted to feature some nice thirst quenchers for replenishing your bodily fluids.  We're assuming your bodily fluids contain malt hops, yeast and water, right?  We've got one old favorite, our Texas/Belgian Wit to celebrate the return of Celis to Texas (plus it's a great summer thirst-buster!) and its half-size Dog Day equivalent.  In addition, we're featuring a couple of our new recipes! 

Texas/Belgian Wit (Yep! That mercury still ain't lyin'!)
St. Almost Pub Crawl Pale Ale (A new favorite!)
Zomby Woof Pale Ale (Thanks, Frank! We still love ya!)

We are also offering a $2 discount on a featured Dog Day Recipe Kit (our Eight Liter/Two Gallon Mr. Beer Size Kit).
Belgian Sheep Dog Wit (Easy Does It!)


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