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Defalco's is pretty much the best homebrew store in Houston, but I've just about had it with their lousy customer service. There is one guy that is very generous with his time and offers to help every time he walks buy. The rest of them sit around and act annoyed if you ask them for help. I was just there on my lunch break to pick up some ingredients for a brew I plan to make this weekend. Of course, they were out of the hops I wanted so I had to adjust the recipe to something else. I was there on my lunch break so I was wearing some pretty nice clothes with some dark pants. I asked the guy that was sitting behind the counter if someone could help me collect and crush my grain. He stared at me and asked if I was an all-grain brewer. Gee, dude, why would I be asking for some help in collecting grain if I was making wine? But I gave him a polite yes, and then he told me the grain was self serve and went back to playing on the computer. Sorry to bother you, dude. I'm sur...

Mike H.
Sep 27, 2012


(in the shopping center next door to La Michoacana - O'Reilly Auto Parts at the other end)
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