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DeFalco's opened its doors in the Rice University Village in June of 1971 in the wake of a home winemaking boom.  The original proprietor, Frank DeFalco, had an uncle, Dom DeFalco, who had opened a similar establishment in Ottawa, Ontario a few years earlier, and Frank leaned on his uncle for advice. Getting the doors open was no minor feat as Frank was obliged to go to Austin to get the legality of making wine at home clarified.  This delayed the opening by several months.  Technically, the aspiring amateur winemaker was required to contact the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and report the amount of homemade wine that was produced and pay 17¢ per gallon tax.  Homebrewing was not even addressed as this was technically illegal nationwide since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.
In March 1978, Scott Birdwell was hired as a part-time employee and was the company's first "beer expert" (after two successful batches!).  DeFalco's carried homebrewing supplies even though, technically, the customer could not legally make beer with them.  The standard line at the time was that the customer was merely producing "sparkling barley wine."  Within a few months, Scott became a full-timer and Senator Alan Cranston introduced a bill in Washington DC to legalize homebrewing, which passed with minimal opposition that summer.  President Carter signed the bill and beginning in February 1979, it was legal to make your own beer (sort of).  Unfortunately, this law only removed the federal restrictions on homebrewing.  Each individual state could prohibit the practice, if it was so inclined.  Homebrewing wasn't legalized in Texas until 1983 (but, this is a story for another day!).
In the spring of 1980, the shop's lease expired and faced with a rent at nearly double the existing rate, the shop was moved around the corner to 5611 Morningside.  Despite not having the atmosphere of the original University Boulevard location, the move was a good one for the shop and we remained there for the next 16 years. Later that same year, Frank DeFalco and his silent partner sold the shop to Birdwell, then the store manager.  Good news came, again, five years later when The Gingerman opened up next door, and a symbiotic relationship was born!
In 1996, after sixteen years on Morningside, the property was sold and the new landlord tripled the rent, so the shop moved once more this time to Robinhood, about six blocks away.  This proved to be our shortest stay at only five years when, stop me if you've heard this before, the landlord wanted to double the rent.  It was at this point the shop moved out of the fashionable and high-priced Rice Village to Stella Link.  After eleven years at 8715 Stella Link, we moved to our current location 9223 Stella Link in January 2012.  With the popularity of home wine & beer making, we were compelled to expand, and the new location enabled us to nearly triple our square footage.  We hope you like the new space.  We have grown quite comfortable here.
Having been established in Houston since 1971, DeFalco's is the area's oldest and most reliable home wine & beer supplier. We stock the widest selection of fresh,  quality ingredients available in the area. We also stock a full line of brewing publications and paraphernalia for your every need. You can depend on us for a knowledgeable staff, and prompt,  courteous service. Excellence is accomplished by providing extraordinary service to our customers. That is what we believe and the basis on which we run our business. Look around our web site to check out our wide selection and competitive prices! If you don't find what you want, please contact us.  We may already have it on hand or we can order it for you!  Feel free to give us a call for any of your brewing or winemaking needs.


Stella Link Shopping Center (next door to La Michoacana - O'Reilly Auto Parts at the other end)
9223 Stella Link
Houston, TX 77025
Phone: 713-668-9440
Monday - Wednesday 10 - 6
Thursday 10 - 7
Friday 10 - 7
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 12 - 4
So that our employees can enjoy holidays with family and friends, we close for the following holidays during the year:
New Year’s Day (January 1)
Easter (variable Sunday in either March or April)
Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (first Monday in September)
Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of November)
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (December 24 & 25)

Obviously, our website is available 24/7, so you can shop at your convenience anytime, even when we are closed!

Loyal DeFalco’s Customers - Over the years, we’ve had some unhappy customers who arrive after we have closed for the day and counted out our register.  This is unfortunate for everybody.  It’s unfortunate for the customer who has driven a long way through traffic only to arrive too late. It’s also unfortunate for us, because it puts our staff in a position of taking time out of their personal time to accommodate tardy customers. “I’ll be there is five minutes!” has turned into ten, fifteen, and twenty minutes.  This is not fair to our employees. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but they have lives outside of our business.  If you think you are going to be running late, try emailing your order to us in advance and then give us a ring to alert us of it.  We’ll try to accommodate your needs while still maintaining some balance for our staff.  Thank you!
  2. We do not ship out of the United States.
  3. Freight and handling charges are extra. Our website will approximate the shipping charges based upon estimated weights of product and packaging. Occasionally the shipping estimation is off, generally no more than a dollar or so. If the shipping is less, we will only charge what UPS charges us.  If it is a little more, we'll just eat the difference.  On the rare occasion that the shipping is more than a little off (for instance, your package is considered "oversized," or a second box is required), we will contact you via phone or email to confer with you over the discrepancy. We use UPS to ship, whenever possible. We have generally found UPS to be much faster, more reliable, competitively priced, and, most importantly, much easier to trace problem packages than the postal service. Furthermore, UPS comes by our shop every day and picks up packages. The shipping charges on our website our based upon UPS shipping rates. Please note that postal orders must be hand-delivered to the post office. For this reason orders shipped via postal service are done so only by special request and are subject to an additional $3.00 surcharge (shipments to APO & FPO boxes are exempt). For these reasons, we ask that you provide us with a street address, not a post office box as a shipping address! UPS cannot deliver to a post office box.
  4. Texas residents must include sales tax on non-food items and shipping charges. Again, this is figured automatically by the website. Out of state customers are not charged sales tax.
  6. Often we are able to ship orders within one or two business days, but not always. Please allow ten days to two weeks for delivery. Postal orders may very likely take longer. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
  7. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us as soon as possible so we can answer any of your questions or resolve whatever issues you may have.  Email us here at the mail order department: orders@defalcos.com
  8. We guarantee all items unconditionally. If not satisfied, return within 30 days for full credit.
  9. If you need to contact us via “snail-mail,” you may reach us at:
DeFalco's Home Wine & Beer Supplies
9223 Stella Link
Houston TX 77025
Attention: Mail Order Dept.

Our phone numbers are:

(800) 216-2739 - Order Line
(713) 668-9440 - Advice Line
(713) 668-8856 – FAX Line

Email address: orders@defalcos.com
Thank you for your patronage!


(in the shopping center next door to La Michoacana - O'Reilly Auto Parts at the other end)
 9223 Stella Link
Houston TX 77025
 Phone (713)-668-9440  Phone (800)-216-2739 


Monday - Wednesday 10 - 6
Thursday & Friday 10 - 7
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 12 - 4