Dial in the fermentation pressure on your cornelius keg or bright beer tank with an adjustable Spunding Valve! Most pressure relief valves are pre-set to very high pressures to prevent kegs and tanks for over-pressurizing and exploding.  Yes, very useful, and we are not suggesting you replace that safety valve. But, you may wish to choose a maximum pressure level well below that safety point.  A Spunding Valve is exactly what you need!  Simply thread this valve to a ball-lock or pin-lock gas disconnect (requires fittings with 1/4" MFL tip) and attach to a corny keg. Dial in the pressure you desire and the Spunding Valve will bleed off any pressure above the set point.  Unlike most inexpensive Spunding Valves on the market, ours comes with clear markings showing the pressure level you have chosen.  No more trial & error!  Great for high pressure lager fermentation! Click here to order!
Optional Gas Quick-Disconnects available at discounted pricing.


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