May - It's not hell, yet! Buuuutttt, it's headed that direction. So, we've selected some thirst quenchers to feature this month.  Our Dog Day Two-Gallon offering is also light: Boston Terrier Cream Ale.

We are offering a $5 discount on our featured Basic Brew Recipes™:

American Standard Bitter (A medium-bodied, amber-hued beer of modest strength & bite.)
St. Almost Pub Crawl Pale Ale
(A very quaffable pale ale. Yellowish golden hue. Hint of nutty sweetness balanced by some hop flavor & bouquet.)

Lemon Ginger Wheat (Golden hue w/a slight haze. Nice balance of spice & "beer." Good thirst quencher!)

We are also offering a $2 discount on a featured Dog Day Recipe Kit™ (our Eight Liter/Two Gallon Mr. Beer Size Kit).  
Boston Terrier Cream Ale (A light & refreshing summer cream ale! Brew now, drink when it really hot!)


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