If you're looking for instructions for a particular recipe, simply click on the "Product Details" on the listing for that specific recipe.  You will be taken to a page with the recipe and instructions for that particular recipe.
If you can't find the particular recipe you are seeking, drop us an email and we'll email a copy of the recipe back to you.
Basic Brew Recipe Kits are divided into:
1) Ales Recipes (Straight-Forward Ales fermented at room-temperatures with ale yeast strains)
2) Lager Recipes (These recipes have suggestions for both  lager yeast for cool fermentation (50° - 60° F) and ale yeast for room temperature fermentation.  Please select accordingly.)
3) Special Style Recipes (Belgian beers, German Hefeweizens, Beers with unusual ingredients, etc.)
Our Basic Brew™ Recipe Kits have been winning awards for many years.  These are aimed at the intermediate homebrewer.  They all include the following:
Malt Extract Syrup (you have the option to order all-grain versions of these kits)
Specialty Grain & muslin bag
Hop Pellets
Bru-Vigor Yeast Food (if you are using tap water)
Yeast (You Choose: Dried or Liquid plus there is the option to order without yeast)
Water Salts (where applicable)
Some specialty beers (Belgian Wit, Belgian Saison) include spices/herbs.

Basic Brew Recipe Kits


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