Brix Sugar Refractometer

To immediately determine sugar content in grapes, must, & wort. Measures 0 - 30° brix.
Brix Sugar Refractometer

Great for determining the sugar content for both beer and wine making.

This refractometer is the standard model, calibrated with the brix/balling scale (0 - 30°). This is the scale most commonly used by commercial wineries and breweries.  To convert the reading to specific gravity, simply put a drop of the liquid on the "prism-like" tip, flip the cover in place, and hold up to the light to read.  You should be able to easily see the a color line dividing the scale.  This number will be between 0 and 32.  Multiply this number times four and add to your S.G. scale.  For example, a reading of 22 will yield a specific gravity of 1.088.  A 28 reading will yield a 1.112 S.G. reading.

A great tool for all-grain brewers, this allows you take instant readings at any point during the mash or boil. These are also extremely popular with grape growers to help determine how ripe their grapes are and how far away harvest time is likely to be.

Once fermentation has started, the refractometer will no longer accurately read the sugar content of a sample because alcohol is now present.

This refractometer has ATC (automatic temperature compensation). This feature allows the user to take a reading in different room and outdoor temperatures, without having to recalibrate the refractometer.

The refractometer can accurately read from 0% to 32% Brix (sugar). It comes with complete directions, an adjustable diopter, a carrying case, a screwdriver, and sample suction tube. Length: 6.5" (16.5cm).



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