We stock hops in two forms:
1) Loose Flower Hops - Raw, unprocessed flowers, simply dried and gently compressed into 200 lb. bales at the hop farm for transportation reasons. We refer to these as "loose flower hops." Please note that these are not "hop leaves," which are useless for brewing purposes.  When truly fresh, these are hard to beat.
2) Pelletized Hops - Raw, dried hops that are shredded and pushed through an extruder to produce the familiar green pellets so commonly used in both homebrewing and commercial brewing.  Pellets take up less space than raw hops and tend to keep much better in medium to long-term storage.
Unfortunatley, Hop Plugs, a compromise between raw flower hops and pellets in which hop flowers are pushed into tubes to produce a green, "hoppy puck" product, but are not shredded.  These store very well and retain much of the raw hop aromas and bouquets, but must be strained out of the wort, like raw hops.  Can be expensive because of the unusual processing.  This form of hops has become increasingly difficult to obtain, and we have deleted them from our offerings for the time being.
Please note: we typically receive our annual shipment of Hop Rhizomes, (hop plant root cuttings for those who wish to "grow their own") in mid-late March.  They are unavailable until stock runs out.



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