Deluxe One Gallon Winemaking Kit

Our "regular" one gallon winemaking kit, with the following upgrades: Mini Auto-Siphon, bottle brush, Acid Test Kit, & a Plunger Corker with a dozen #8 corks.
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Trade Out Corker For:
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Our Regular One Gallon Winemaking Kit kicked up a notch! Like our regular one gallon kit, it includes: 2 gallon plastic primary fermenter with lid, one gallon glass secondary fermenter, #6 drilled rubber stopper, fermentation lock, small coarse straining bag, syphon hose with clamp, HYDROMETER, wine yeast, Super Ferment yeast nutrient, acid blend, potassium sorbate, grape tannin, sodium metabisulphite, pectic enzyme, campden tablets, and HANDCRAFT WINEMAKING GUIDE, but it also includes: a mini-auto siphon for ease of syphoning, a bottle brush (good for the wine bottles & the one gallon jug), an acid test kit, a plunger corker and one dozen #8 corks (instead of the mushroom corks). As an option, you can also order a liter of red or white grape concentrate to make five bottles of a full-bodied wine.


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