Five Gallon Concentrate/Juice Winemaking Kit

Includes: 7.8 gal. plastic primary fermenter, 5 gal. secondary fermenter, drilled rubber stopper, fermentation lock, Auto-Siphon, tubing, & hose clamp, bottle filler, bottle brush, hydrometer, wine yeast & additives, HANDCRAFT WINEMAKING GUIDE.
Five Gallon Concentrate/Juice Winemaking Kit
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Secondary Fermenter
Add Corker and Corks
Add Carboy Brush

Now upgraded with an Auto-Siphon, Bottle Filler & Bottle Brush! Designed to make wine from fresh and concentrated juices or other non-pulp bases, such as honey, concentrate, or juice.

Kit Includes:
7.8 Gallon Plastic Primary Fermenter With Tight-Fitting Grommeted Lid
Five Gallon Secondary (choose from kit options)
Drilled Rubber Stopper
Fermentation Lock
Auto-Siphon, 5' tubing, & hose clamp
Automatic Bottle Filler
Wine Bottle Brush
Triple Scale Hydrometer w/Instructions
Wine Yeast
2 oz. Super Ferment (yeast nutrient/energizer)
2 oz. Acid Blend
1 oz. Potassium Sorbate
1 oz. Grape Tannin
2 oz. Sodium Metabisulphite (sanitizer)

Please choose a PET Plastic or Glass Secondary Fermenter below.

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