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Established in 1971, DeFalco's is Houston's oldest and most reliable home wine & beer supplier. We stock the widest selection of fresh, quality ingredients available in the area.
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It is with great reluctance and sadness that we must announce that we are ceasing operations entirely over the next couple of weeks. This is obviously not a decision that we make lightly, but, given the tremendous drop-off in the wine & (especially) beer making business over the past five years, we can no longer go on. It gives us little consolation that this trend is a national one, resulting in hundreds of shop closures across the country. The irony, of course, is that we have reached this impasse so soon after we peaked in mid-2014. Many of you have noticed that it has become very quiet around the shop lately and have inquired why this is so.
Like many issues, this is a complex one, and in our opinion, no single explanation can fully account for why we have come to this. There are a variety of factors at work here:
    • 1) the presence of so many craft breweries and craft/import beer bars, have made it very easy for folks to simply consume, rather than brew and consume,
    • 2) the ever-present specter of Amazon and large mail order firms such as Northern Brewer have made it easy and tempting to shop for equipment and supplies from your sofa. Yes, we, too, have an on-line store, but we lack the resources to publicize our site and volume purchasing to compete with the "big boys.” However, our sources have noted that even the big on-line stores are struggling.
    • 3) For better or worse, our clientele is aging. Depression Babies are almost all gone, and our Baby Boomers & even Generation X customers are aging and cutting back on wine & beer making. While we are seeing some millennials joining the hobby, unfortunately, we are not seeing nearly enough to replace our older customers. Almost all segments of our industry have noted the lack of starter equipment kits being sold these days. These starter kits are the entry point to our hobby for new customers, and they are essential to successfully operating a homebrew shop. We are withering away and simply cannot cover our expenses any more.


We need to sell everything to the bare walls, so we are clearing all products out of the shop at 20% off! In addition, we are offering our own custom DeFalco’s Hydrometers at $4.99 each (44% discount!) and one pound hop bags at 40% off! We no longer have the manpower to pull, package, & ship products, so our sale is now an in-store affair only. We anticipate Sunday, September 8th being our last day in business (unless, of course, we do such a great job selling our inventory that we close sooner!)

Wine Making Supplies

Winemaking Starter Kits, Ingredient Kits, Wine Yeasts & Other Additives, Winemaking Equipment
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Beer Making Supplies

Homebrewing Starter Kits, Ingredient Kits, Yeasts, Additives, Hops, Grain, Extracts, & Brewing Equipment
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Mead & Cider Supplies

Cider Ingredient Kits, Mead & Cider Yeasts, Mead & Cider Additives, Mead & Cider Books
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Fermentation Equipment

Fermentation Pails, Carboys, Fermentation Locks & Stoppers, Hydrometers, Thermometers & Instruments, Syphon Equipment
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Cheesemaking Supplies

Starter Kits, Rennet Tablets, Cheese Cultures, Cheese Moulds, Yogurt Cultures, Cheese Wax, Cheese Additives & Books
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Soft Drink

Soft Drink Making Kits, Soft Drink Extracts, Soft Drink Books
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Liqueur Making Supplies

Liqueur & Liquor Flavorings, Additives, Enzymes, Turbo & Liquid Yeasts, Alembic Domes & Condensers, Oak Chips, & Books
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Established in 1971, DeFalco's is Houston's oldest and most reliable home wine & beer supplier. We stock the widest selection of fresh, quality ingredients available in the area. We also stock a full line of brewing publications and paraphernalia for your every need. You can depend on us for a knowledgeable staff, and prompt, courteous service. Excellence is accomplished by providing extraordinary service to our customers. Check out our wide selection and competitive prices and give us a call for any of your brewing or winemaking needs.

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Meet Our Team

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency
Scott Birdwell Proprietor Scott brewed his first batch of homebrew in January 1978. His first batch of beer was the first homebrew he had ever tasted (underwhelming, to say the least!). Nevertheless, he was hooked and within a couple of months was working at DeFalco’s part-time. A few months later, he was full-time. Within a year, Scott became manager of the store and by the end of 1980, he had taken ownership (What the hell was he thinking?! I suppose it beats finding real work. . .). Scott became the first Master Judge in the Beer Judge Certification Program in 1988 and is currently ranked as a Grand Master Judge. Note: That and a couple of bucks will buy you a cup of coffee at Denny’s. Almost forty years later, he’s still here - a lifetime sentence, you might say.
Jim Trippel Office Manager A retired United States Navy captain, Jim spent 25 years in the service. He had been homebrewing since 1999, so the move into the back of the house at DeFalco’s was natural move for Jim in early 2012. He soon discovered the joys of homemade wine and is now cranking out as much wine as beer! Call him “Captain Bligh!”

Team - Kehn Bacon

Kehn Bacon Mail Order Manager Kehn spent 30 years teaching high school history before finally hanging up his lecture notes. He began homebrewing in 1993 and joined the Foam Rangers Homebrew Club shortly thereafter. He entered the ranks of the DeFalkoids in 2009. Now he reigns over the vast Mail Order Kingdom. Ask him to show you his Foam Ranger tattoo!
Wine & Beer Making Clubs One way to maximize your enjoyment of winemaking, mead making, cider making, and homebrewing is to share the fun with others. Join a club and join the fun!.
Calendar Of Events A comprehensive list of Seminars, Beer and Wine Tasting and Demonstrations around the area for the home beer and wine making enthusiast.
Beer and Winemaking ClassesFor over twenty-five years we have offered classes and have found them to be a great way to get started in the hobby and make many friendships.


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