We have been offering beginning classes for over twenty-five years now.  We have found these to be a great way to get started in the hobby and many lasting friendships have been begun in these classes.  We now currently offer wine and beer making classes four times a year.
P.S. We have heard from a few of you regarding class withdrawal policies for these classes. Our policy is as such: You can withdraw from the course with no penalty up to two weeks prior to the first class.  After that, we can try to replace your spot with another student, and if we can, you're off the hook.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for the charges. The reason is that these classes, especially the beer brewing classes, tend to fill up very rapidly. Despite the fact that we've added a third set of brewing classes and increased our class size from 20 to 25 with our new larger facilities, we still end up turning students away.  We would prefer to fill the class with students who can actually attend the classes.  Thank you for your interest!

Here's a synopsis of what will be offered:

Early September
(five consecutive Mondays) - Introduction to Homebrewing (Class Is Now Open for Enrollment!)
Late October (five consecutive Mondays) - Advanced Homebrewing Seminars (Classes Now Open for Enrollment!)
Mid January
(five consecutive Mondays) - Introduction to Homebrewing (Enrollment opens in late November)
Late March (six consecutive Mondays) - Wine Making - From the Vine to Your Table (Enrollment opens in late November)

Wine & Beer Making Classes